Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hope? is no longer ..

From the deep inside of my stinky heart ,
I just wanna say that you are the best damn boy in whole wide world!

It sounds like super duper crazy right ? 
but for me that is truth ..

You know what , u've make me change a lot .
can u believe it ? hey , you must believe it .
Like before i'm being kinda girl in 5 years old .

Child girl that always playful around .
For sure , i'm not matured at all 

Alway's being like 'cacar merba' ;
Love to make from a tiny mistake , become bigger and bigger .
Love to blame on other people , whereas the sources is by myself .
Being 'ego' all the time till make other person hated on me .
Imma heartless person too ;
too hard to crying  , but easy to smiling and laughing .

But now that sort of things is not exist anymore .
I'm become more matured .
Till I know what is the meaning of human nature .
More appriciate of asses of our relationship
till i think that no one can replace you .

Maybe all this happen because of you .
See ? how much you're meant for me .

I'm feelin' so lucky when
You're mine ; i'm for yours .
No doubt at all .
Thanks to Allah :)

Babe , in every single day .
my life always carrying with hope .
Hope that you be mine for ever and ever .
And always pray to God that my heart always for you .
till at the time i want that you will become my husband one day  ^-^

the hope is like a shadow ,
become more dull and dust .

Dear , i want you to know
No more trust .. No more hope ..
Now I just follow the flow..
Am I right ?
I think maybe that must be in our relationship .
Or maybe
I already lost to get your trust and hope for you ??

I'm tryin' to calm down
there must be a reason for this .
And maybe we need to overcome the situation .
Oh yeah? i think no need to overcome lah .
Because i'm just follow the flow .
Is not exist anymore (!)

thanks for everythings my dear